Gaseous Pollutants and Appropriate Control Strategies

Rashmin B. Patel and Mrunali R. Patel

Abstract: Natural resources (soil, water, air) are essential for the existence of life. Their pollution by an uncontrolled discharge of industrial waste has become a common feature of today’s industrial activities, It is therefore obligatory on the part of human being to maintain these in a reasonably clean state, without hampering the industrial development. The average and small size pharmaceutical plants are not serious pollutants of the atmosphere. Air pollution problem are more likely to be from the larger companies in which many of the industrial operations are similar to those of chemical industry. The first and fundamental step in the control of hazards is their recognition. But, recognition requires a clear understanding of the nature, origin, mechanisms of generation and release and sources of the particles, as well as knowledge on the conditions of exposure and possible associated ill effects. It is essential to establish priorities for action and to select appropriate control strategies.
The relationship of man with the environment is symbiotic and the equilibrium between the two must be maintained at all costs. Throughout man’s existence on the earth, he has depended upon a neat balance among the various element of the earth. During last few centuries, however, man’s relationship with his environment has drastically changed due to a vast increase in his expectations and activities. Acquisition of knowledge about science & technology & their application in meeting the ever increasing needs of man has not left any part of the biosphere untouched, making his own survival precarious, extensive modification of the environment have been caused by converting materials to less degradable forms or in to substance that are positively harmful to living beings. The environment is the sink where all the waste produced by man is assimilated. It is essential that the capacity of environment to perform this function is not impaired, which explains our general concern for it.
Origin of waste in pharmaceutical industry
Air pollution is more likely to be from the larger companies in which may of the industrial operations are similar to those of chemical industry. The most serious problems are related to pharmaceutical manufacturer who operate fermentation plants in the production of antibiotic & steroids etc. However, in no sense the air pollution is exclusively due to fermentation plant but others may also have this problem e.g. operations associated with boiler plants.

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