Status of India in Science and Technology (1996-2006): An Indicator for Future Development

Prof. S.K. Kulkarni

Abstracts: The National Institute of Science, Technology and Development studies under the aegies of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has released a status report on the interface between Science, Technology (S & T) and Society in relevance to policy making, public funding and India’s global place in S & T contributions during the 10 year period from 1996-2006. The study released recently (June, 2008) compares the Indian Science and Technology outcomes with top 20 productive countries of the world using the Scopus International Database and identifies knowledge generating Institutions, National Laboratories, Indian Universities, Indian Scientists, Innovations, National competitiveness in global context. The study examines India’s performance on several key areas of S & T including country’s publication share in the World’s research outcome, pattern of research communication in International Journals, share of collaborative research in the generation of knowledge and its application, the most productive Institutions and individuals who have made the difference to Indian Science and Technology.
The core objectives of the study has been to identify characteristics of high productive Institutes of National importance Universities, National laboratories, Scientists, Subjects and Research areas and growth profiles. The significance of the study is meant to the planners and policy makers in Science and Technology to work out long term strategies for Indian Universities, Institutions, National Laboratories, Industries and Health sector for future development.
The study examines the core parameters in measuring scientific progress, dynamics of research inputs and outcomes. It also describes how Indian Science is performing vis-a-vis selected developed and developing top 20 countries in the area of Science and Technology. This is of specific importance as policy makers and planners often compare India’s performance with BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Some of the salient features are reproduced below.

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