Nano Particle: An Avenue In Drug Delivery & Targeting

Vimal Kumar, Sarvesh Sharma, Mohammad Yaseen Khan

Abstract: The field of Nanotechnology has been revolutionary as substantial technical and scientific growth in basic sciences plus manipulation by chemical or physical process of individual atom & molecules have widened its horizon. In drug therapy we face the problems of poor solubility, limited chemical stability, short half life, and poor bioavailability & strong side effects. The recent development in drug delivery system has opened up new potential & possibility for tailor-mare production of pharmaceutical drugs, oral peptides, gene therapy and nanocosmeceuticals.
The development of effective drug delivery systems that can transport and deliver a drug precisely and safely to its site of action is becoming the 'holy grail' of pharmaceutical researchers. Nanotechnology, the term derived from Greek word 'nano', meaning dwarf, applies the principles of engineering, electronics, physical and material sciences & manufacturing at a molecular and supra-micron level. The material at nanoscale could be a device or system or these could be dimension range from 0.1nm-1000 nm. Nanotechnology offer a vision for 'smart' drug approach involving the design, synthesis & characterization of material or devices that have functional association in nanoscale. The idea that Nanoparticles has unique physical & biological properties that might be used to overcome the problems of drug delivery and targeting. This review describes the use of nano-particulate carrier system as one solution to overcome delivery problem i.e. nano-sphere, nano-constructed lipid carrier, solidlipid nanoparticles (SLN) and the latest innovations in the drug delivery.


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