Need of Quality Education for Changing Pharma - World

Dr. P.G. Yeole

Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India
APTI 13th Annual National Convention - 3rd & 4th October 2008

Presidential Address

We have all assembled here today in this very beautiful city of Bilaspur amidst this invigorating ambience for sustaining momentum and exploring ways to develop common interest in globalization and development education. And so on this very honorable occasion, I would like to convey my gratitude and extend a great welcome to all delegates who are instrumental in making the 13th APTI national convention happen. I offer my special thanks to Prof L. M. Malviya, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, Guru Ghasidas University, Bilaspur for his prolific support. My heartfelt admiration to Dr.Dangi and his team for providing accommodating perspectives, comments, information and brilliant arrangements in connection to making this APTI a grand accomplishment.

Addressing a massive audience on this memorable occasion is definitely a dazzling opportunity and at the same time realizing the enormous responsibility that is attached of being the president to this vast association brings in a sense of jitteriness. This is because there are going to be various tasks put into action and also a portfolio of policy interventions that would be required in manifold spheres to yield mutually reinforcing and positive results creating a virtuous spiral as growth in one area leads to gain in another.

As we enter the globalization era, there is a sense of responsibility that also seeps in. I also understand that there are going to be advocates and opponents to this term Globalization and to be very specific “Globalization with respect to the pharmaceutical education”. The advocates would have a say of exploring and accommodating action plans to have a better stand in the global scenario and the opponents would ask for enduring with the same set of existing structure to make life simple. Who is right? And what is going to profit all of us in the long run? To answer this and many more intriguing questions, we have thoughtfully coined the theme of this convention to be: 


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