Pharma Education - Vision 2020

G. Vidya Sagar

Introduction: Technology and Technology management are the order of the day. The emergence of India as a superpower in the coming years would depend on the growth of knowledge and technology based ventures. Government of India is giving more emphasis for funding of higher education and plans are on anvil for starting 30 central universities apart from eight new IITs, seven new IIMs and two schools of Planning and Architecture in the country (Hindustan Times, 2007). Knowledge based expansion of the job market remains focused on areas like IT, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Engineering and Pharmacy. These areas of knowledge domain have unlimited possibility of creating job avenues. Due to more emphasis on healthcare segment by every nation of the world, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals are going to be the first priority. The growth of Pharmaceutical sector in India is a rosy 9% (Chronicle Pharmabiz, Dec. 2007). The increased budgetary allocations for more R&D activities for discovery of novel drugs and intermediates by every Pharmaceutical corporation are a reality (Express Pharma Pulse, Jan. 2008).

Prior to independence there were very few Pharmacy institutions in the country and areas of study in the subject were limited. Despite serious handicap of means and resources, the country has built up during the last 50 years a very large system of Pharmacy Education and today has created a vast body of men and women equipped with a higher order of technological capabilities in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Important Events for the Development of Pharmaceutical Education in India

  • 1842 first recognized Pharmacy course in India Escola Medico de Goa (Certificate course)

  • 1860 Madras Medical College (Certificate course in Pharmacy)

  • 1860 1920 Certificate courses in Pharmacy at Medical Colleges of Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, Cuttack, Dhaka, Allahabad, Banaras, Lucknow, Meerut, Mumbai and Nagpur.

  • 1930 The Drugs enquiry committee under the Chairmanship of Lt. Col. Dr. Ramnath Chopra a great leap for the profession of Pharmacy in India.

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