Drug Information Center

Rajesh D Hunashal, Kudagi B L, Kamadod M A, S S Biradar

Abstract: The purpose of the Drug Information Center (DIC) is to serve health care professionals throughout India by answering critical questions on drug use and its possible side effects. The DIC routinely responds to inquiries regarding appropriate therapy for specific patients; adverse reactions to drugs; efficacy of drugs; drug interactions; intravenous additive incompatibilities; biopharmaceutic and pharmacokinetic parameters of drugs; dosing in renal failure; appropriate therapy for a disease state; identification of foreign drugs; information on investigational agents; and information on new drugs. The purpose of the service is to provide accurate, current and unbiased drug information in the promotion of rational drug therapy.


In 1962, the first drug information center was opened at the University of Kentucky Medical Center and was intended to be utilized as a source of selected, comprehensive drug information for staff physicians and dentists to allow them to evaluate and compare drugs besides catering to the information needs of nursing staff. The staff of the drug information center were expected to take an active role in the education of health professionals within the institution. In 1973, the first formal survey identified 54 drug information centers in the USA. According to a report published in 1995, there are about 120 full-fledged pharmacist-operated drug information centers in the United States, which accept a broad scope of requests from health care professionals.

The provision of accurate and timely drug information to health care professionals is an important mechanism to promote safe and effective drug therapy. Such service is lacking in India. The purpose of the center is to provide accurate, current, and unbiased information for the promotion of rational drug therapy. The center also provides relevant information to physicians and faculty of the medical academy on evidence-based medicine at their request.

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