Formulation and Evaluation of Cefadroxil Dispersible Tablets: Direct Compression Technique

T.V. Rao, R. Rama Krishna, T.E.G.K. Murthy, S. Vidyadhara

Abstract: Fast disintegrating /dissolving drug delivery system offers a solution for the patients having difficulty in swallowing tablets/ capsules etc a Cefadroxil antibacterial drug was selected as the model drug. The poor aqueous solubility of the drug results in variable dissolution rate and hence poor bioavailability. In the present investigation an attempt has been made to prepare fast disintegrating tablets of cefadroxil using super disintigrants such as crospovidine, croscarmellose sodium, sodium starch glycolate (SSG). All these formulations compressed directly by single punch semi automatic cad mach machine. The tablets were evaluated for hardness, weight variation, friability, wetting time, D.T and in vitro dissolution studies. Before compression of the granules into tablets, the granules were evaluated such as angle of repose, compressibility and hausers ratio. It was concluded that dispersible tablets of cefadroxil with cross carmellose sodium showing rapid release rate / enhance dissolution, hence better patient compliance and effective therapy.


Fast Dispersible tablets (FDDTS), which disperse in water with in three minutes, can be used to fulfill the medical needs of patients such as dysphagia i.e difficulty in swallowing. The faster the drug into solution, quickly will be the absorption and onset of clinical effects. The oral route of drug administration is the most important method of administering drugs for systemic effects. These formulations allowing the ease of swallowing /advantageous in the form of liquid. In this FDDTS combines the advantage of both liquid and conventional tablet study, an effort has been made to formulate fast disintegrating tabletsof cefadroxil with superdisintigrating agents crospovidine, cross carmellose sodium, SSG with PEG 6000 as binding agent. Objective of this study was to enhance safety and efficacy of drug molecule, achieve better compliance, solve swallowing problems, enhance on set of action and provide stable dosage form.

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