Influence of Serratiopeptidase on Bioavailabilty of Isoniazid

Mrs. Arti Mohan, Dr. D.M. Brahmankar, Dr. S.N. Umate

Abstract: Despite the various advances in the chemotherapy of Tuberculosis Isoniazid still remains the first line of treatment available with the Physicians the world over. But the causative organism of Tuberculosis “ Mycobacterium Tubercule” is known to develop resistance to a wide array of antituburcular drugs if they are prescribed alone, hence the concomitant administration of two or more drugs in the treatment of tuberculosis is a practice. Mucolytic agents are clinically used in tuberculosis because they reduce viscosity of bronchial secretion and thus reduce physical strain of coughing. Serratiopeptidase is a commonly used mucolytic agent used in tuberculosis to ease the expectoration and to give relief to the patient. This article is mainly concerned with the effect Serratipeptidase may have on the bioavailability of Isoniazide.This study indicates an increase in the bioavailability of Isoniazid in the presence of Serratiopeptidase.


The agents like Bromhexine hydrochloride, SER and Acetylacystein are commonly used expectorant because they increase the sputum volume, breakdown the tenacious network of mucopolysaccharide fibres and ultimately liquefy the sputum and ease the expectoration. There are some scanty reports to suggest that the mucolytic and proteolytic agents appear to enhance the clinical activity of some of the anti tubercular drugs.

In order to ascertain the mechanism by which these agents improve the action of antituberculars, the absorption of antitubercular in presence of mucolytic agents was studied. In the present study In-vitro studies were carried out first to measure the absorption of Isoniazid alone and in combination with Serratiopeptidase.In-vivo studies were carried out next to certify the results of In-vitro analysis.

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