Ram Nath Chopra Father of Indian Pharmacology

Dr Ravinder Kaul

Abstract: Among the men who have adorned the Indian medical profession in the 20th century, Professor Ram Nath Chopra occupies the foremost position. He was a pioneer in the study of indigenous drugs of India and an outstanding luminary in the field of medical education and research. He is widely acclaimed as the Father of Indian Pharmacology.

Introduction: Oswald Schmiedeberg (1838-1921) of Germany transformed the old fashioned materia medica into modern pharmacology as an independent science in the beginning of last century. He became Professor of Pharmacology at Strasbourgh and to him came students from all parts of the world. Among his eminent pupils were Abel, Cushney, Sollmann, Meyer and Heubner. The Father of Modern American Pharmacology is John Jacobs Abel. He was the pioneer in isolating the first hormone, adrenaline from adrenal medulla in 1900. The isolation of posterior pituitary hormones in 1919 and crystalline insulin in 1926 are two other most outstanding contributions of Abel. In Great Britain, Arthur Robertson Cushney (1868-1926) who specialised in drugs affecting the heart and circulation and the kidney, exerted a world wide influence on the development of the science of pharmacology. His enthusiastic assistants Dale and Dixon helped him in his achievements. In India Ram Nath Chopra may be classified with Abel and Cushney as the Father of Modern Indian Pharmacology. He specialised in indigenous drugs of Indian origin. His associates B.N.Ghosh, B. Mukerji, K.S.Grewal, M.D.Chakraverty, J.C. Gupta and J.C.David worked with him and became prominent pharmacologists of India who made valuable contributions.


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