Commercialization of Age-old Coal Tar in Combination with lipid for Skin Diseases Like Psoriasis and Eczema

J.P. Mall, O. P. Soni, Dilawar Singh and Dr. J.N.Verma

Abstract: In its wider objectives of the project which started with the development of other liposomal psoriatic drugs, manifold studies were taken up to develop other products. However, while chasing the said objective, on an extra taken work, a novel aqua lipid formulation of Coal-Tar has been developed. And an extensive work with regard to its design and testing gave a confidence to make it for commercialization. The developed product is a novel formulation of Coal-Tar and has wide application in relieving itching, irritation, redness, dryness, scaling and flaking of the skin caused by psoriasis, seborrhea, and eczema. Coal Tar is one of the most preferred and frequently used medicinal agent in various dermatological diseases.

Introduction: Skin disease like psoriasis and eczema is very old disease for our society and no proper cure was available in past as well as in present time. Very long back coal Tar was used to treat such type of disease but it was in the simple conventional form and such form is not much effective for the treatment. As coal Tar is naturally occurring hydrocarbons obtained as a by-product during the destructive distillation of bituminous Coal Tar at very high temperature. And it is further processed for pharmaceutical use. Although Coal Tar is used in constructions, maintenance of roads, canal lining, saturant for roofings, electrical cables and for manufacturing asphalt emulsion. It is also used in water proofing, roofing and laminated paper. But purest form of Coal Tar in suitable dosage form act as antipsoriatic.
Since last 5 years well qualified and experienced team of Gurgaon based reputed pharmaceutical company-Lifecare Innovations and Scientist of Punjab univercity Chandigarh has combindly worked for the development of new product contains lecithinized Coal Tar together with pharmaceutically acceptable excipients. Coal Tar has been entrapped inside lipid based self assembled system at micro and nano range. These carrier system transport drug safely and effectively to the desired site and also provide conducive micro environment for better drug receptor interaction at various targets. Entrapment of coal Tar within these assemblies helps in interaction of phospholipids with the skin as it provides the fully hydrated condition and enlarged molecular surface area with enhanced interface. The design and chemical composition of the system also take care of rheological nature of the system by not allowing the drug to spread towards the uninvolved native tissue.After successful development and completion of clinical trial by reputed research centre, such wonder drug has been manufactured commercially two year back by Lifecare Innovations subjected to successful completion of stability study. Pre and post stability study data of commercially manufactured product indicates the stability of the product.



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