Insulin Chewing Gum: A Modern Era of Drug Delivery

R. A. Hajare, P. A. Raut, A. Meshram, A. V. Chandewar

Diabetes patients cannot produce insulin properly which is required to convert sugar, starches, and other food source into energy. Scientists have been looking for simple and effective ways to deliver insulin into the blood stream. The most common one is taking insulin pill orally. However research shows that insulin is easily broken down by the digestive system. This problem is solved by using chewing gum insulin. These can be done by binding insulin with vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 is protected with haptocorrin which is salivary protein. Once haptocorrin reaches the intestines, another chemical pathway takes over to help vitamin B12 pass into the bloodstream. Binding of insulin molecules to vitamin B12 makes the insulin hitch a ride on this protected supply chain. The insulin could ride all the way into the bloodstream, where it is released to do its work. Chewing gum also causes stimulation of brain which leads to increased release of insulin. Finding simpler ways to deliver insulin into the blood stream is one important avenue for tackling the diabetes epidemic that is sweeping the developed world. Body has specific mechanisms for protecting and absorbing valuable molecules that would usually be damaged by conditions in the gut. Chewing gum would be a better delivery method in humans.


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