Impact of Topical Vehicles on the Dermatologic Disorders

Pankaj Jain, Pankaj Agrawal

Impact of skin disorders on quality of life
Even though most skin conditions are not life threatening, many are clinically burdensome and cause substantial deficits in quality of life. Conditions such as acne and psoriasis may be associated with depression. Moreover, some conditions are often permanent, and can have a life long impact on one's appearance. The individual may feel isolated from the society. Therefore, proper and quick treatment of skin disorders is essential in helping patients with these conditions.

Skin care is an important foundation for all patients with skin disorders. As the patient's preference plays a large role in making patients adhere to their medication, it is important that patients are counseled on treatment options. Apart from the active ingredient, the choice of vehicle in which the medicament is dispensed also plays an important role.

The vehicle in which a certain product is delivered can affect how this medication reaches the site of action. For Eg - systemic corticosteroids which are ingested or injected intramuscularly, topical corticosteroids must reach their target cells by first diffusing across the skin.  


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