Successful Launch

V. Srinivasan

Launching a company in a new territory/area requires lot of planning and hard work. A launch which is meticulously planned and correctly executed will have more chances of succeeding, than a launch which is done in haste without proper planning and vision. This write up/article is to delve into some of the important aspects of planning that go into a successful launch.

Right from day one, the field force must be taught to be strong and believe in the fundamentals, such as:

  • Having the latest and correct customer list for each product as per sales/marketing strategy.

  • Regular visits to the customers at the desired frequency.

  • Desired number and quality of customer and trade calls.

  • Pen Order Booking (POB)/Retail Order Booking at the desired level .Posting of all reports to all concerned on time.

There is a big difference between securing success from an already existing territory than showing success from a newly launched territory. In a newly launched territory, the candidates should be very strong in fundamentals, meet the right doctors for the right products, good in detailing, and very regular in meeting the customers at the desired frequency. Only then, gradually the Company and its brand names will get registered in the minds of the Doctors, and writing the brand names of the Company will become a habit for the Doctors.

Choosing the right candidates, with the right attributes, for the right job, is equally important. For example, for the position of a Medical Representative, we may look for the following important attributes from a candidate:

  • A Science or Pharmacy graduate

  • Fresh or with 1-2 years experience in the same field

  • Good communication skill-local, as well as English language. Candidate may preferably be from the same territory/area (i.e. local candidate)

  • Ethical orientation


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