Soy and Women Health in India

Dr. V. Rajpai, Swati Pal, JPS Kohli, DPS Kohli

Abstract: Changing dynamics in Indian society is leading to increased pressures which, coupled with the lack of proper nutrition and education about health play havoc, resulting in many diseases like heart diseases, cancer, kidney problems osteoporosis, a skewed menstrual cycle etc among women. More than 80% of the women in this country have been facing the problem of hormonal disorders when they reach to premenopausal phase. Soybean diet can, in fact, play a crucial role as potent medicine or supplement in combating the emotional, physical and mental stress of menopausal and pre-menopausal years Soybeans contain plenty of Isoflavones (plant estrogens that help maintain an estrogen balance in the blood), and thus used as therapy for treating menopausal syndromes . This paper reviews about benefits of soy for women and give information about how incorporating soybeans in daily diet can work wonders in reducing symptoms of menopause, the risk of cancer and osteoporosis.
Soy bean holds a very important position in the Indian agriculture with a worth of over 5000 crores. India stands at the 5th position in the list of leading soybean producing countries with a production figure of around 7 million tons. Madhya Pradesh has the lead among the soybean producing states and it contributes around 75% of total production, most of it is crushed to derive soy meal and oil. The soy oil is consumed in the country and large bulk of soy meal is exported. Only part of it is utilized mainly in poultry and cattle feed; a very small proportion is used for human consumption as protein supplements.
Despite of the problem of malnutrition the nation has been facing for years, we could not make use of this vital food enriched with proteins, minerals, micronutrients, medicinally active compounds etc., for the health benefits of the people.
Major Problem is problem of hormonal disorders which the women face when they reach to premenopausal phase. There is no potent medicine or supplement except hormonal replacement therapy to combat this problem. Very few women go for this treatment, many of them suffer from the diseases originated due to hormonal disorders and used to receive only symptomatic treatment to rest of the life. There is no education provided to them to face the seriousness of this problem.
In India, for women especially, combining soy with a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of diseases and promote healthful vitality. More than 80% women of our country suffer from the diseases associated with menopause; osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, sleeps deprivation, hot flashes etc. 


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