Global Survey finds Corporate Involvement in Health Issues Driving Trust, Purchases, Recommendations and Investment


The general public expects businesses outside the health industry – such as retail, entertainment and consumer technology – to be involved in health in ways that go well beyond the health of their employees, according to the Edelman Health Engagement Barometer 2010.
Nearly three-quarters (72%) of those globally surveyed online trust a company more if it is effectively engaged in health and two-thirds (65%) either recommend or buy products from those companies. However, 51% said business in general is doing only a fair or poor job in this arena, and only 36% trust business to fulfill its role in addressing health. Findings from the survey were presented today at the 7th Annual World Health Care Congress in Washington, D.C., The 11-country, 15,000-person study found that while more than three out of four (77%) believe business should engage in helping employees and their families lead healthier lives, nine in 10 (92%) believe companies should be engaging in other ways, too.
For example, nearly three out of four (71%) believe it is important for business to support the health of its local communities, three-fourths (75%) believe it is important for business to educate the public on health topics related to its products or services, and the same number believe it is important for business to create new products or services that maintain and improve personal health. Seventy percent believe business should help to address obesity.  The importance of health as both a business imperative and a business opportunity was powerful worldwide, but particularly strong in the emerging markets of India, China, Brazil, and Mexico.Among those surveyed in India, nearly 76% said the government should play a role in addressing the health of people in the country.


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