New Avenues in Pharmacy Education

Ajay Pise, Shilpa Pise, D. Sreedhar, Manthan J., Virendra L., N. Udupa

Today Pharmacy Profession is considered as one of the most preferable and respectable profession. With the advancement of technology, novel innovations and discoveries in the field of medicine, applications and scope of Pharmaceutical Sciences is diversified. Today Pharmacist is gaining prime importance in the healthcare system.
Current Indian Pharmacy curriculum is oriented towards the industrial needs whereas Pharmacy curriculum in developed countries is moreover oriented towards clinical and hospital needs. This difference has created a wide gap for the budding Pharmacists from India to enter and work as a Clinical Pharmacist in the developed countries. Clinical Pharmacy oriented Pharmacy curriculum is today’s need of the hour in India.
With the advancement in communication technology, today at global level awareness about the health is spreading very fast. With this increasing conscious about the health and preventive measures, role of Pharmacist has widened from simple “compounder and dispenser” of drug to the Pharmaceutical Care provider.
Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy are the basic branches and core specializations in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Advanced research in these core branches resulted in to emergence of new specialization areas such as Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Nanopharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Management, Phytopharmacy, Phytochemistry, Pharmacoeconomics, Clinical Research Management, Pharmaceutical Care. These specializations have evolved from the core branches of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Increasing number of specializations and superspecializations has opened new opportunities for budding Pharmacists. Significant features and opportunities of these new specializations are discussed as-

1. Nanopharmaceuticals
The super specialisation of Nanopharmaceuticals is evolved as an outcome of advanced research in the field of Pharmaceutics. Nanopharmaceuticals deals with the study of formulation and delivery of drug in nano form to the selected site. Many Pharmaceutical giants are targeted their research and development efforts to develop Nanopharmaceutical drugs. Basic aim of Nanopharmaceuticals is effective targeted treatment with fewer side effects by reducing the unnecessary exposure of drug to the body systems.


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