Pharmaceutical Education in India: Our Strength and Weakness

P.C. Dandiya

Ladies and gentleman, I am really overwhelmed addressing such a galaxy of academicians that includes Vice-Chancellors, Directors, Professors and other distinguish teachers from all over the country who have come from long distances to this historical town of Jodhpur which has also become a centre of advanced education. I will begin here from the day in 1947 I went into the market, after obtaining the M.Pharm degree from the Banaras Hindu University. India was to become independent in two months time and the whole country was wondering, speculating and times convulsing with oncoming partition into India and Pakistan. Pharmaceutically, India at the time of partition was a very poorly developed area in the world and India manufactured only Rs.1 crore worth medicines in a year and imported Rs.90 crores worth from other countries primarily from the UK and Germany. It might not surprise you to know that India today manufactures medicines worth Rs.79,000 crores and consumes only Rs.39,000 crores worth and in this year of 2009 it will be exporting medicines worth more than Rs.40,000 crores. This means India has now become a very significant manufacturer and exporter of medicines from this year and it has acquired a global status in pharmaceutical industry. In terms of dollars, the total global production of pharmaceuticals is worth $610 billion and India’s share is only $16 billion which makes it only about 2.5% in terms of value but medicines being very low priced in India, in terms of volume India’s share comes to about 16% of the global output and in this regard India now is third only after the USA and the EU.


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