Anti-Acne Cosmeceutical Products: Dermatologists Perspective

Manthan D Janodia1, Preeti Shah1, Bipasha Chakraborty2, D.Sreedhar1, Ajay P1, Ligade V1, N.Udupa


The "Cosmeceutical" market is the fastest-growing segment of the personal care industry. As a result of societyís fascination with maintaining a youthful appearance and the global populationís increasing median age, this market is expanding at an accelerated rate. Cosmeceuticals improve appearance, but they do so by delivering nutrients necessary for healthy skin. Increasing consumer concerns about health have triggered growing demand for Cosmeceutical products. The market in the US is growing by around 10 to 15 per cent each year, and competition between companies to produce more effective products is intensifying, reports Health World Online.1 The market for Cosmeceuticals (cosmetics and toiletries containing at least one bio-active ingredient) will be an important growth area. The increasing desire of consumers to look good, coupled with an aging population and the growing availability of high-performance cosmetics, will drive this.2 Cosmeceutical market has two product Categories: Skincare and Hair Growth. The most promising market sector from both a technological and financial viewpoint is skin care cosmeceuticals, which comprises over half the total cosmeceuticals market says Jennifer Sizemore, senior research associate at Technology Catalysts International, a Virginia based consultancy. "The cosmeceuticals market, particularly skin care, continues to grow at about double the pace cosmetics and toiletries market in the US".3 The use of skin care products has increased significantly in India. With changing life styles, increase in disposable incomes, greater product choice and availability, and influence of satellite television, more people are taking interest in personal grooming. The facial skin care market is booming. Products are competing with one another to take shelf space in the retail stores. Facial skin care products have become an essential part of the beauty market. Like western countries, creams and lotions are applied in India also, in an effort to remove the pimples and the acne, fight stress and worry lines, and to remain young. With safe and effective procedures, advancement in medical technology, increase in awareness, the Indian Skin care solutions business is growing very fast.4 Topical treatments account for 27.9% of the OTC medicated skincare. In chronic therapies dermatologists tend to prescribe almost 50 % systemic treatment and 50% topical treatment. Acne being a chronic therapy, the tendency is to use different class of drugs systemically and topically. Acne treatments accounted for $561 million or 16.9% of the market by 2008.


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