Formulation and Evaluation of Hydroxy Propyl Cellulose
Microspheres of Metformin HCL

Debjit Bhowmik, R. Margret Chandira, B. S. Venkataeswarlu, Dr. B. Jayakar

Abstract: The goal of any drug delivery system is to provide on the therapeutic amount of drug to the proper site in the body and also to achieve and maintain drug concentration .The site specific or targeted delivery combined with delivery at on optimal rate would not only improve the efficacy of a drug but would also reduce the possibility of unwanted toxic side effects, thus improving the therapeutic index .Microspheres possess several advantages over other targeted drug delivery systems like larger drug loading capacity , greater, stability and cotrolled over extended period of time.
HPMC Microspheres were prepared by heat stabilization method in the presence of span 80 . Metformin was used as the model drug. Drug to polymer ratio is 1:0.5,1;1,1:2 shows maximum yield and highest entrapment and maximum encapsulation was found to be 94% w/w. The microspheres prepared in the ratio of 1:0.5 release 96.13% and 1:2 ratios releases 92.72% at8 hours respectively. The invitro release profiles of microspheres confirmed that the pure drug and marketed releases faster than the microsphere formulations. So this HPMC Microspheres are suitable for oral sustained release of Metformin HCL.

An ideal drug delivery system, in addition being therapeutically effective and nontoxic, should achieve and maintain effective therapeutic plasma concentration for extended period of time.Metformin HCL is a oral hypoglycemic drugs and used as a management of hyperglycemia in noninsulin dependentdiabetes mellitus.It is a Biguanides, Microspheres can be defined as solid, approximately spherical particals ranging from 1 to 1000. They are made up of poilymeric, waxy or other protective materials, which are biodegradable synthetic polymers and modified natural products such as starches, gums, proteins, fats and waxes. The natural polymers include polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid. Microsphere drug administration offers a number of advantages in therapeutics, where the controlled release s of dr4ug delivery as well as the precdictable and reproducible drug release kinetics are important features of them. The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility of obtaining is prolonged relatively constant effective level of Metformin from the HPMC microsphere formulation using HPMC and albumin as carriers.

Materials and Methods
Metformin HCL is supplied by Karnataka antibiotics, Bangalore, HPMC are supplied by (L.R, Loba chemie pvt. Ltd. Mumbai), Acetone is supplied Ranbaxy fine chemicals ltd, delhi, Diethyle ether(, Merck limited,mumbai,) Tween-80, Span-80 (,Nice chemicals, cochin,) Petrolium ether, Alloxan (Sigma chemicals, Bangalore).


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