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Rajesh Puri

Introduction: Ayurveda is such a vast and rich subject that, when writing about it, one gets a feeling that justice to the subject is not being done. Because this subject has not been understood, some writers can leave the reader with more unanswered questions than new information. This series of articles aims to clear up some of the very valid doubts that persist both with western regulatory authorities and consumers. Ayurveda has a lot to offer for the benefit of global health and it should be accepted by all with an open mind and not as a threat to any form of medical science.
Quality Standards are very important for any industry and are of primary importance when dealing with healthcare products. This cannot and should not be compromised under any circumstances, even when dealing with Complementary and Alternative Medicine or Traditional Medicine or Natural and Herbal Products, even though we may view them as 'supplements' or under some other such convenient heading. Often, unscrupulous organisations make use of the easier regulations for such products and pass off inferior and at times substandard products that may be to the detriment of the health of individuals. When such incidents are, reported, unfortunately, the particular science gets the blame and we tend to argue the case based on such incidents. Ayurveda is no exception and has suffered at the hands of such individuals. The benefits of Ayurveda must not become lost in this argument while there is a global need for such products to improve the health of mankind.


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