Review on Electronic Resources in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

D. P. Kawade, B. R. Dravyakar, P. B. Khedekar, K. P. Bhusari

Abstract: The advances in computers and their interconnections have enabled various services based on client-server approach. Thus retrieving chemical information from local and global networks has now become easier. The possibilities of specialized information services like the Scientific and Technical Information Network providing bibliographic databases, various databanks, web directories, online journals, mailing lists and other resources helping to retrieve information related pharmaceutical chemistry were compared to global and general server platforms on World Wide Web. Fast development is obvious and hints are given for successful conduct of searches or browsing primary and secondary literature.
Pharmaceutical chemistry is a scientific discipline at the intersection of chemistry and pharmacology involved with designing, synthesizing and developing pharmaceutical drugs. It involves the identification, synthesis and development of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use i.e., drug discovery which requires exhaustive literature survey. Now days, Internet has become a major system for knowledge extraction and education. The amount of available scientific information is currently growing at an incredible rate and the literature of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is dynamic, complex, and enormous. This information appears in many forms viz., images, text, video, and speech. To utilize this information, we need techniques and tools to allow for fast, effective and efficient access to large amounts of stored information. As the search for scientific literature is of great importance for a research worker and not much has been said about the new methods of information retrieval which have emerged, here an attempt has been made to present some of e-resources for study and research work.

The computer being rather a communication tool than a typewriter substitute enables access to information services and databases. Chemists were amongst the earliest users of computers for generating, acquiring or searching data by accessing to remote computers i.e. networking. It may be spread either locally i.e., LAN (Local area network) or widely i.e., WAN (Wide area network) and especially the whole Internet gives the possibility of accessing information on machines anywhere. The most known tasks on the network are electronic mail, transfer of files, and access to Web servers. Exchange of information can be done by using various protocols IP/TCP (Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol). These protocols pack transmitted data into packets and routes them to the addressee. Today the client-server technology prevails and its widest implementation is the World Wide Web developed at CERN, a French organization named, Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire" (European Council for Nuclear Research). Different network tasks are accomplished using various protocols - language by which machines communicate. Information on the Web are retrieved by Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), files are sent over using File Transfer Protocol (ftp), on most UNIX platforms the mail is routed using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (smtp). URL (Universal Resource Locator)5 for instance http://pbs.acs.org/hotartcl.index.html means that the computer named pbs.acs.org is accessed with protocol http and that the requested file is index in HyperText Markup Language (.html) can be found in directory / hotartcl/ on that computer. However,.html extension can be convertible into portable document format (.pdf). Every computer on the Internet has its own IP address that corresponds to nearest Domain Name Server (DNS) – a server especially for that purpose.


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