A Peep into the 59th IPC Theme………
3 P's in 2020: Groundwork for a Mega Dream

Vijay Kumar Sharma, Kamal Dua, U.V.Singh Sara, M.V.Ramana, Himaja M.

Abstract: With the ongoing transformation of India from developing to developed country, the scenario of pharmacy profession in India has also started its preparation for making its remarkable entry into the golden era of highly technological advancement. It can be undoubtedly said that pharmacy profession is rapidly spreading its wings in India but if we compare with rest of the world, we are still lagging far behind as far as an overall scenario of pharmaceutical development is concerned. In the coming times, Product, Patient and Practice are likely to be considered as major thrust areas where pharmacists and well-wishers of Indian pharmacy profession have to focus their attention. But setting a target does not ensure its achievements and hence lot of groundwork has to be carried out if we want to register the presence of Indian pharmacy profession in the global context in 21st century. We, the pharmacists have to formulate, design and implement effective strategies to reflect the pharmaceutical excellence in the mentioned thrust areas so that an exemplary Pharma Vision may be in our grip by 2020 and then only we will be able to justify the theme of 59th IPC.

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