Spray Drying of Pharmaceuticals - Need of Future

D. G. Kheni, P. V. Patel, D. M. Modi

Abstract: Most drugs & excipients have poor flowability & compressibility. Also most of the newly synthesized molecules are poorly soluble in water. Spray drying is a well-established technique that has been used for over a century but it remains an active field of innovation, driven by the ever-increasing demand for more sophisticated particles. Spray drying of active pharmaceuticals & excipients may improve flowability, compressibility & solubility. Also it can be used for microencapsulation & taste masking of certain drugs.

‘Spray drying is a process for converting solutions or suspensions into dry free flowing powders in a single drying step.

Spray drying is a widely used manufacturing process which uses the aerosol phase to dry particles. The technology has been applied in many areas, including the food, pharmaceutical, ceramic, polymer, and chemical industries.

Process: The solution or suspension is atomized or ‘sprayed’ into an enclosed chamber into which heated air is also introduced. The atomization process produces very fine, generally spherical droplets with large surface areas that dry almost instantaneously. Rapid evaporation from this large surface and concomitant uptake of latent heat of evaporation keep the product temperature below that of the hot air, thus making the process a suitable one for many heat sensitive materials. The finer particles produced are capable of being carried out of the chamber with the effluent exhaust air and are collected in cyclone collectors. The coarser particles which fall out in the chamber may be collected through appropriate discharge ports.

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