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Medicinal activity / Therapeutic uses
Shilajit : Quality Control and Medicinal Importance - Nirmal Sharma, Mohd. Ali, Indu Sehrawat and Onkar Singh
Neem: A Wonderful Tree in Skin Problems - Dr. Vimal Kumar
Shilajit: An Amazing Rejuvenator and Anti-Aging Drug - S.P. Chaturvedi, Bhushan K. Korde and Vimal Kumar
Turmeric (Curcuma longa): A Valuable Traditional Medicine - Vimal Kumar
Antimicrobial Plant Drugs - Deepika Bhatt, Mohd. Mujeeb, S.H. Ansari
Herbal Drug with Antidiabetic Activity - Dr. Poul B.N., Patil S.S., Kadam C.S., Mhaske A.R., Somnathe N.D.
Herbal Plants with Antifertility Activity - Duragkar Nandakishore, Gore Shubhangi, Itankar Prakash, Sadanshio Pallavi, Katolkar Parimal, Bodele Shishupal
A Fungus That Increases Stamina - Atul Kr. Saxena
Ageing and its Herbal Treatment - Irfan Khan
Anti-microbial Activity of Herbs used in Psoriasis - Raman Dang, J.S. Sabitha, B.G. Shivanand
Herbal Drugs Used in Dental Care - N. Akhtar, M. Ali & M.S. Alam
Medicinal Plants Used in Heart Diseases - Dr. P.D. Lokhande, Mr. A.R. Chabukswar and Ms. S.C. Jagdale
Health Effects of Phytoestrogens - R.K. Rishi

Research and Development / Newer perspectives
Value Added Drug Delivery Systems with Botanicals : Approach for Dosage Development from Natural Resources
- Pulok K Mukherjee, Kuntal Maiti, Venkatesan Kumar
Role of Herbals in Drug Delivery System - Sanjar Alam, Raisuddin Ali, Sohail Akhter, anzarul Haque, S.H. Ansari
Recent Trends in Phytomedicines and Nutraceuticals 2006
Phytosomes: A Revolution in Herbal Drugs - Dr. Vimal Kumar
Gas Chromatographic Determination of Methanol and Isopropyl alcohol impurities in Herbal extracts
- S. B. Puranik, Varun R. Pawar, Lalitha N, P. N. Sanjay Pai, G. K.Rao
Development and Evaluation of Microparticles of Gugulipid - Y.S. Tanwar, G.D. Gupta, K.G. Ramawat
Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Drugs for Antiacne Activity - Raman Dang, Rizwan Ahmad, Salma Khanam, Shobha Rani R.H., Sudhir Kumar
Enzymes in Herbal Extraction - R. Kasar, K.S. Laddha, Jyoti J. Gawande
Patentability of Herbal Products: A Review - Arun Nanda
Importance of Metals and Minerals in Ayurvedic Medicines - Dr. M.K. Raina
Herbal Medicines Revisited - Prof. J.K. Lalla
Spirulina Scope and Potential in Pharma Market - Ajay G. Pise, Virendra Ligade, Sreedhar D, Manthan J, Dr. N. Udupa
Nutraceuticals: A Bright Landscape in Healthcare Market - Ajay G. Pise, D. Sreedhar, J. Manthan, Virendra S. Ligade, N. Udupa
Global Opportunities and Challenges for Medicinal Uses of Ayurveda, Herbal Products, Nutraceuticals and Alternatives - P.P. Sheth

Regulation / Quality control / Standardization of Herbal Drugs
Development and Standardization of Herbal Formulation
Stability Testing of Herbal Products - Achal K. Thakur, K.S. Laddha, N.A.V. Prasad
Alternatives in Standardization of Ayurvedic Medicine - K. Jayaram Kumar
Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Medicines - Manoj Sharma, Raman Sehgal, Dr. V.B. Gupta, Dr. Arani Chatterjee
Herbal Drugs Require Pharmacovigilance Study - Dr. Pulok Mukherjee
Quality Standard Studies on the Roots of Ratanjot Arnebia nobilis (Reichb) a controversial Ayurvedic Drug - Neha Nath, S.H. Ansari and Md. Nawazish
Legal Provisions for Maintaining Quality Control in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy Drugs
Herbal Drugs Present Status and Efforts to Promote and Regulate Cultivation - Abhishek Kumar, Ashutosh Mishra, B.N. Sinha
Vigilant Use of Herbalism - Mrs. Rity Gilhotra, Mr. Harish Pal and M. Neeraj Gilhotra
Others / Miscellaneous
A Report on International Conference “Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants”, Surabaya, Indonesia - Subhash C. Mandal
Why Ayurveda will Never Die
The Past, Present and Future of the Processing Machinery of Chinese Traditional Medicine - Xiao Jieming, Chen Linsheng, Li Peng
Past, Present and Future of Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia - Mr. V.C. Sane
Neem for Sustainable Development - Dr. Ramesh C. Saxena
Golden Days Ahead for Unani - Cygnus Business Research
Promotion and Development of Botanicals with International Coordination - Dr. Pulok Mukherjee
Traditional Medicines in Malaysia ABC Exhibition
Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy (AYUSH)





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