Also noteworthy is the journal's contribution to the globalization of the Indian Pharma Industry.
Wishing great success to The Pharma Review.
Dilip Charegaonkar,
M D, Anchrom Enterprises, Mumbai

The special feature has been excellently produced and I am sure this will meet the approval of all featured in the article.
Ajit Singh
ISPE India, Mumbai
Excellent Publication.
Dr. Y.K. Hamied,

It is a fact that via advertisement in the ‘The Pharma Review®’ we got very good response to our products from all over India as well as abroad. And still we hope that we will continue to receive good response for future business development.
J. J. Shah, Partner
SSPM Systems & Engineers, Ahmedabad
Yours is a singular periodical, which deals with all the branches of the pharmaceutical field, name any.
Dr. Jamal S. Qadry, Dubai
I must congratulate you profusely for undertaking the publication of 'The Pharma Review®' . The whole issue is planned with a great vision as it gives a wide coverage on the importance of biotechnology.
Late Dr. N. S. Parmar, Ahmedabad
I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of August 2007, Vol. 5 Number 29 of “The Pharma Review®”. I am happy to note that in addition to some interesting articles, you are providing information about many conferences and exhibitions held or to be held in India and abroad. I am also pleased to note that you are getting a good number of advertisement which are very essential for any such venture. If you let me know how much in advance you need information, I shall be able to provide information about international conferences I organize in India or attend abroad. It was a great pleasure to go through the article Down Memory Lane of Prof. Harkishan Singh’s association with the Pharmacy Profession.
Prof. H.L. Bhalla, Mumbai
I have been going through ‘The Pharma Review®’ since its inception and have followed the growth of your magazine. I am sure that this is the result of your whole team members hard work. The quality of articles needs special appreciation as it updates knowledge in each area of pharma. 
With your innovative ideas of things like Photo Feature of Expos/Conferences, Corporate profiles (as done for Cadmach in the December issue), Soft copy (CD version) of each issue of the magazine, ‘The Pharma Review®’ in the true sense has been Leader in pharma publications in India and I am sure you will very soon have other publications following you in all these areas. As someone said “You have leaders and you have follow the leaders”. 
Wishing yu all success for the incoming years.
P.P. Seth,
Vice President, IPA, Ankleshwar Branch

Heartiest Congratulations to you for successfully completing 5 years of the journal “The Pharma Review®” Also noteworthy is the journal’s contribution to the globalization of the Indian Pharma Industry. On this occasion we congratulate you for your vision and your team for the exertion. Wishing great success to The Pharma Review®.
Dilip Charegaonkar,
Managing Director, Anchrom Enterprises, Mumbai
I was very happy to receive a copy of the latest issue of the Magazine as well as “Regulation of Clinical Trials” written by R.K. Rishi Published by KONGPOSH Publications Pvt. Ltd. Cursorily going through the book it appears to the quite interesting, very useful and informative. I look forward to see many more books of this type be published by you for the benefit of the Healthcare & Pharma Sector.
Sushma Berlia,
President, Apeejay Stya Group
It was indeed a pleasure to read articles in your publication. The same has been acknowledged by our clients in France also. I would request you to send us a latest update on the press release which were sent to you so as which ones are you utilizing / utilized for your publication.
Deepika Prakash,
Press Attaché, French Embassy, New Delhi



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